Event Manager Top Tips


“An event manager will find their tasks less of an ordeal if they are able to keep both a sense of perspective, as well as a sense of humour.”

Every company will be involved with organising an event at some stage,
whether it is a village hall craft fair in Harrogate or major corporate exhibition event in Dubai.

Managing events successfully requires:

•    Clear objectives – What do you want to achieve from your event?

•    An appropriate and interesting concept and theme – Moulin Rouge for a B2B networking event probably isn’t appropriate!

•    Meticulous planning – If you’re finding it easy you haven’t done half the amount you should have!

•    More marketing than you could shake a stick at – Build an eye catching web page, blog and become a social media guru.

•    Lateral vision – Be creative and inventive. A small room doesn’t have to feel small when you’re in it…

•    A great deal of stamina – Pro plus and coffee may help but you’ve got to have the drive in the first place.

•    Good teamwork – If there’s one thing to make a priority, it’s this. Every extra hand saves time, therefore saving time and stress.

•    A realistic post mortem –Phew! It’s over… not quite. Start planning  for next time. What would you do differently?

Exhibitions, conferences, seminars, meetings, award ceremonies, gala dinners, corporate hospitality, corporate road shows, the AGM… Montpellier Event Management has produced them all, time and time again.

Whatever you’re organising, leaving a lasting impression on your guests should be top of your list and with new technology and audio visual equipment, there’s no excuse for producing anything less than impressive.

Everyone needs a hand at some point so let Montpellier help you out

From free venue finding (with all the Montpellier benefits), all the way to the pat on the back at the end of the event, using Montpellier Event Management will be a rewarding experience.